short-term courses

Seasonal courses for schools 

In order to acquaint school students in different age groups, the Isfahan Soil Architecture Research Institute prepares a multi-day course in coordination with one of the schools in the last week of each season, in which students become practically acquainted with making small soil models.

Vocational seasonal courses 

In the middle of each chapter, a professional course in which an achievement from our research suite will be presented is held for five days. The place and time of each of these courses will be announced at the beginning of each chapter. Some of these courses will be held online.

Improvising with Earth

January 17th, 2024|Events and invitations, short-term courses|0 Comments

Improvising with Earth In this course, after getting acquainted with the basic principles of adobe architecture, students freely designed elements on a model using small adobes over a period of one week. Each group, after experiments and conclusions, implemented their final design in the research institute’s courtyard on a real scale. The second part of the course, i.e., implementation on a real scale, itself took a week to complete, and necessary modifications were made

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