Permanent professors of one-year comprehensive course:

Faramarz Parsi, Pouya Khazaeli, Kaveh Mansouri, Behnaz Motarjem, Saber Asadi

Course start: July 1st

Theory section: Three summer months on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Practical part: two weeks in October and two weeks by group decision (one month in total)

Comprehensive one-year course

This course is designed to connect scholars to the body of the earth architecture profession. During the three months of summer in the theoretical part of the course, students are introduced to the principles of construction with different earth techniques, architectural design methods and restoration of earthen buildings. After eight months, participants complete a research topic under the supervision of the relevant professor and submit it as their final project.

  • Introduction to the history and philosophy of earth architecture

  • Understanding different construction techniques with earth

  • Understanding contemporary earth architecture

  • Familiarity with the basics of building restoration

  • Learn how to build adobe arches

  • Learn how to analyze and calculate the adobe vaults

  • Architectural design with clay and stratification

  • Principles and methods of restoring earthen buildings

  • Familiarity with the architecture of Iranian villages

  • Design and construction with compacted earth

  • Criteria and principles of social work and local participation

  • Experiments on the composition of particles and their properties

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