Graphic Analysis of The Masonry Arch

Graphic Analysis of The Masonry Arch

Authors: Puya Khazaeli, Behnaz Motarjem

This book uses a simple and enjoyable method to teach readers how to perform calculations, analyze arches accurately, and predict the behavior of masonry structures. In the process, structural and architectural calculations are intertwined, and the pleasure of establishing this connection is discovered.

“Graphic calculation” itself is based on drawing and geometry, and is of the nature of architecture. This knowledge, which gives us a foundation for analyzing Iranian arches, reveals the application of each of the historical arches to us.

Prior to structural analysis of arches, it was necessary to provide a coherent classification of them. To this end, the first chapter of the book is devoted to the classification of Iranian arches, which, just like Iranian traditional music, gives us the possibility of improvisation and creating new forms within specific frameworks.

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