Earthen Architecture Festival 2022

During the festival, a series of concurrent workshops is underway, each focusing on one of the techniques of construction with earth. Participants in the festival not only familiarize themselves with earth construction techniques and industry professionals in the field of earthen architecture but also experience life together in the beautiful village of Esfahak.


  1. Practical workshop on adobe vaults without formwork
  2. Workshop tests and experiments
  3. Restoration workshop
  4. Plastering workshop
  5. Seminars with the participation of experts in the field of earthen architecture

Facilitators for practical workshops: Pouya Khazaeli, Hossein Baqeri, Behnaz Motarjem, Amir Masoud Ahmadi, Bardia HajiRasouliha, Milad Zarei, Mahta Mokari

This festival took place from April 17 to May 10, 2022 at the Research Institute of Earthen Architecture in Esfahk village.